3 way crossover ~ calculator

   For the traditionalist,  a 3-way 1st order crossover  is used in a 3-way vented enclosure system which gives good bass response. 

   The high crossover frequency should be at least one octave ( f / 2 )  below the resonant frequency of the tweeter.

   The low crossover frequency should be above the " roll off " ( - 3 db ) of the mid range driver.

   The crossover frequencies must be at least three octaves part.

   The reactance of the components of the midrange interact with the reactance's of the tweeter and bass components.  Thus,  the low crossover frequency ( FqL ) and high crossover frequency ( FqH ) must be recalculated to compensate bringing them closer in frequency. 

Enter desired low crossover frequency ( FqL ) :   Hz
Enter desired high crossover frequency ( FqH ) :   Hz
Enter impedance ( R t ) of tweeter :   ohms
Enter impedance ( R m ) of mid driver :   ohms
Enter impedance ( R w ) of woofer :   ohms
FqL  =      Hz
FqH  =    Hz
C 1  =    uF
C 2  =    uF
L 1  =     mH
L 2  =     mH
3 way X-over

   If the rated sensitivity of the tweeter is greater than the woofer, the speaker system will sound too bright.  An attenuation network can be used to decrease the sensitivity of the tweeter or midrange driver.  Remember to use components that can handle the desired wattage of the system.