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This equipment is old and used but still rocks. Instead of putting them out to pasture, we will rent them cheap. Perfect for that grunge or "broke band" look. Because we are a small company, there is limited equipment. Please contact us via EMAIL at least a week in advance.

Portable PA Gear
Roland PM 100 Profesional Monitor 40w
Fender Portable PA 375 W

Guitar Amps
Marshall 2203 - 100w 1936 2x12" speaker
Sun Stinger 60 - 60w 12" speaker combo
Osborn Stinger 60 - 50w 12" combo
Peavey Audition 110 - 25w 10" speaker combo

Bass Amps
Fender ProBass400 - 400w 4x10" speaker
SWR Workingman 15 - 150w Bass Amp 15" speaker combo

Drum Set
TAMA 7 Piece Dbl Kick w/ symbols etc.

Available in
Jackson County
Oregon USA

Audio Engineering

Audio Recording
Studio & Equipment
Field Recording

Post Production
Post Production
Audio Mixdown

Serious Sound

Concert PA Systems
Backline Equipment

Available in
Jackson County
Oregon USA


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