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Texas Holdem Statistical Analysis Project

Each strategy must be followed throughout the game. With this over all combined strategy, you play/call a vast majority of the hands with a positive advantage throughout the game. When testing and analyzing different pre-flop, flop and turn strategies, slight changes would create completely different results. Do not deviate from this strategy unless you are a seasonal player. Seasoned poker players have other skills such as reading players, bluffing, playing betting strategies that improve their advantage over other players. Always play/call hands with a positive advantage. The mind will play tricks and you believe certain plays are correct. For instance, some players will never fold any ace in their hand even on the turn or river. They believe at any time an ace can be dealt and that will give them a winning hand. However, the constant negative disadvantage will drain more chips from your stack than you will win. Playing an incorrect hand with a slight disadvantage will constantly deplete your chip stack in the long run. Remember every time you play an incorrect hand, you lost money!

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