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Texas Holdem Statistical Analysis Project Introduction

A far as I can remember, I played cards. Growing up I played Cribbage, Pinochle and poker with family members. As for games, I was a chess nerd and Bobby Fisher was my hero. My high math scores in high school landed me with a congressional scholarship to West Point, The United States Military Academy. I left after three years for with a solid background in nuclear physics, mathematics and computer science. While studying probability and statistics, I read “Beat the Dealer” by Edward O. Thorp. I must have learned and tested every blackjack counting system since then. However, poker was my favorite game and I was just an amateur. Back then, 7-card was the most popular game. The mention of Texas Holdem scared me because the game was so much faster and I didn't know the odds. Years later, in 1999 I started the web site www.kbapps.com Audio Speaker Design Calculators. The site later became a showcase of online applications.

During some down time over Christmas in 2001, I read an advanced post graduate course syllabus from UCLA. The assignment was to create a flow chart of a blackjack game. Just for kicks, I developed an online blackjack game designed to train one to count cards. My business partner, about the same time, got interested in watching poker on the television. After a while, we both noticed the same players usually end up on the final tables during the tournaments. Our conclusion was that these players must have a complete knowledge of the odds. The idea of a 'The Texas Holdem Statistical Analysis Project was formed.

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