Reuben Ranzo ~ Lyrics


1. Oh poor old Reuben Ranzo,
Oh Ranzo boys, Ranzo.
Ah pity poor Reuben Ranzo.
Ranzo boys, Ranzo.]

2. Oh Ranzo was no sailor
He shipped on board a whaler.

3. Old Ranzo couldn't steer her,
Did you ever hear anything queerer?

4. Oh Ranzo was no beauty
Why couldn't he do his duty?

5. Oh Ranzo washed once a fortnight
He said it was his birthright.

6. They triced up this man so dirty
And gave him five and thirty.[8]

7. Oh poor old Reuben Ranzo
Ah [1/8 1/8]pity poor Reuben Ranzo.

[Footnote 8: i.e. 35 lashes.]


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