Haul away, Joe ~ Lyrics


1. Way, haul away,
We'll haul away the bowlin'.
Way, haul away,
Haul away Joe.

2. Way haul away. The packet is a-rollin'.

3. Way haul away. We'll hang and haul together.

4. Way haul away. We'll haul for better weather.

5. Once I had a n***** girl, and she
was fat and lazy.

6. Then I had a Spanish girl, she nearly
druv me crazy.

7. Geordie Charlton had a pig, and it
was double jointed.

8. He took it to the blacksmith's shop to get
its trotters pointed.

9. King Louis was the king o'
France before the Revolution.

10. King Louis got his head cut
off, and spoiled his Constitution.

11. Oh when I was a little boy and so my mother told me.

12. That if I didn't kiss the girls my lips would all go mouldy.

13. Oh once I had a scolding wife, she wasn't very civil.

14. I clapped a plaster on her mouth and sent her to the divvle.



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