Cheer'ly men ~ Lyrics


1. Oh, Nancy Dawson, I-Oh.
Chee-lee men.
She robb'd the Bo'sun, I-Oh.
Chee-lee men.
That was a caution, I-Oh.
Chee-lee men.
Oh Hauly, I-Oh,
Chee-lee men.

If sung without accompaniment the portion within brackets may be
omitted. If sung with accompaniment the note D (to the word "men") may be sung crescendo and held on to the end of the bar.]

2. Oh Sally Racket. I-Oh, &c.
Pawned my best jacket. I-Oh, &c.
Sold the pawn ticket. I-Oh, &c.

3. Oh Kitty Carson
Jilted the parson,
Married a mason.

4. Oh Betsy Baker
Lived in Long Acre,
Married a quaker.

5. Oh Jenny Walker
Married a hawker
That was a corker.

6. Oh Polly Riddle
Broke her new fiddle.
Right through the middle.


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