Bound for the Rio Grande ~ Lyrics


1. I'll sing you a song of the fish of the sea.
Oh Rio.
I'll sing you a song of the fish of the sea
And we're bound for the Rio Grande.
Then away love, away,
'Way down Rio,
So fare ye well my pretty young gel.
For we're bound for the Rio Grande.]

2. Sing good-bye to Sally, and good-bye to Sue, Oh Rio,etc.
And you who are listening, good-bye to you. And we're bound,etc.

3. Our ship went sailing out over the Bar
And we pointed her nose for the South-er-en Star.

4. Farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spain
And we're all of us coming to see you again.

5. I said [1/8 1/4]farewell to Kitty my dear,
And she waved her white hand as we passed the South Pier.

6. The oak, and the ash, and the bonny birk tree
They're all growing green in the North Countrie.



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