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The Holy Bible
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To read the Bible, under the 'The Holy Bible' label, select a book in the 'Books' drop down menu, then select a chapter in the 'Chapter' drop down menu.

To save a bookmark location of the cursor click Bookmark > Set Bookmark. To go to the bookmark location click Bookmark > Go to Bookmark.

To view the 'Favorite Verses' page click Favorites > Favorite Verses. To find a favorite verse, select book in the 'Books' list box, then enter verse number such as 1:1 or 1:1-6 in the 'Chapter' text field. Press tab or exit field to display verses.

Favorite verses are organized by subject title and stored in .txt files in a 'Verses' folder. Essentially a book is being created, edited, and organized in the C:\Windows\ProgramFiles\TheHolyBible\Verses\ folder.

The chapters are stored as .txt (Notepad) file format with the subject titles as the file name. The subject 'Love' and verses would be stored in a .txt file named 'Love.txt'.

To print the 'Subject' page click File > Print > Favorite Subject & Verses. The printed page will also have the same font characteristics with a line length of 40 characters.

To modify the display fonts click Option > Set Font. The 'Display Fonts' form is appear. Select font name, font style and font size. Form control fonts are not modified. Font settings are saved.

To print entire form as viewed, click File > Print > Print Form.

To add a new subject title, enter a new title in the 'Subject' drop down menu. Click tab or exit field to save new title.

To delete a subject title, select title, clear the 'Subject' drop down menu and exit the field.

To save a favorite verse under a subject click Add Verse. The text will appear in the 'List Favorites' text field. The text can be edited and is automatically saved in the corresponding .txt file.

The 'Verses' folder can be archived and stored as a backup. Place the archived folder in the same folder as C:\Windows\ProgramFiles\TheHolyBible.exe to restore saved verses. C:\Windows\ProgramFiles\Verses\ is the location of the 'Verses' folder.

To view the 'Search the Bible' page click Search > Search Text. Select book in the 'Select Book' drop down menu. Enter verse number, text phrase or search words in the 'Search Words' text field. The search engine will first look for a match for the verse numbers or phrase. If there is a match, those verses will be displayed in the 'Search Results' list box. If there is no match, the search engine will look for verses containing all words in any order.

Click the verse and book, chapter, and location will be displayed.

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