Vacuum Tube Data Sheets


   The 6CA7 is a power pentode designed especially for highfidelity audio systems.  It has a plate dissipation of 25 watts and delivers highpower without drawing control-grid current.

   The 6CA7 features high efficiency with extremely lowdistortion.  Great care is taken in manufacturing so that there is very little spreadin characteristics of individual tubes.  Thus, the rated output power can be obtainedwith all tubes.  The tube also features high sensitivity which results in lowdistortion introduced by driver stages.

   The tube features a large plate dissipation reserve.  The high allowable grid leak resistance improves the performance of preceding stages.


   Cathode coated unipotential
   Heater Voltage 6.3 volts
   Heater current 1.5 amps
Direct Interelectrode Capacitance's
Grid No. 1 to all other elements except plate 15.2 uuf
Plate to all other elements except grid No. 1 8.4 uuf
Plate to grid No. 1 max. 1.1 uuf
Grid No. 1 to heater max 1.0 uuf
Heater to cathode 10 uuf
   Base JETEC #8ET, octal, 8 pin
   Bulb Tubular, 1 5/16" max. dia.
   Max. overall length 4 7/16"
   Max. seated height 3 7/8"
   Max. diameter 1 1/2"
   Mounting position any


Vacuum Tube Data Sheets

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