2 way crossover ~ calculator

   This calculates the values of the components for a Butterworth 3rd order 2-way  all-pass and constant-power crossover.  It has greater attenuation for filter sharpness, greater low-frequency protection for the tweeter, and an even acoustical radiation pattern when used in a dual driver enclosure.

  Enter desired cross-over frequency ( F c ) :   Hz
Enter tweeter's rated impedance ( R t ) :   ohms
Enter woofer's rated impedance ( R w ) :   ohms
C 1  =    uF
C 2  =    uF
C 3  =    uF
L 1  =    mH
L 2  =    mH
L 3  =    mH
2 way X-over

   Improvements can be made to this design.  An impedance compensation network (also known as a conjugate network) will flatten the driver's impedance curve.  Sometimes the rated sensitivity of the tweeter is greater than the woofer and the speaker system will sound too bright.  An attenuation network can be used to decrease the sensitivity of the tweeter.  Remember to use components that can handle the desired wattage of the system.

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