Dual driver sealed enclosure ~ calculator

dual driver sealed enclosure

   A dimension ratio of 1 : 1.618 : 0.618 provides cancellation of resonating frequencies inside the enclosure. The drivers should be identical and centered.

   First enter driver parameters.

   Then enter volume of enclosure to calculate performance specifications.  If only Qms and Qts are known, press "Qts" button to calculate Qts.  Qms and Qes are optional. Fs, Qts and Vas  must be entered.




Enter Fs : Hz The resonant frequency  of the driver.
Enter Qms : Q mechanical
Enter Qes : Q electrical
Enter Qts : The total Q of the driver.   
Enter Vas : liters The volume  of air with same compliance.

   Estimate a volume for the enclosure in liters and enter volume of internal driver and parts. Consider the length, wide and wide when estimating.  Enter volume of enclosure desired.

Enter Vdr : liters Volume of internal driver and parts
Enter  V b : liters Estimate volume for the enclosure


Width =    cm
Height =    cm 
  Depth =    cm 
dual driver sealed enclosure

Performance specifications





Q =


Total Q of system.

Fdb =   Hz Frequency at peak decibel.
Peak db =   db Peak decibel at resonance. 
F3 =   Hz The " cut off " frequency  at -3db.

   1The dimensions are "inside" measurements which are calculated to provide the enclosure volume needed.