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Lee Deforest   Lee Deforest invented the three electrode vacuum tube amplifier, better known as the Audion, in 1906. He followed the work of Britishengineer John Ambrose Fleming who had developed the first electron tube, the Diode Thermionic Valve, in 1904.  The development of the Audion made possible the amplification of the weak signals produced by microphones, and thus, live broadcasting. The Audion and its successors also began to alter the manner in which recordings were made. Prior to electrical amplification, recordings were made acoustically with large horn assemblies. By 1925, most recordings used the new electrical process.

   For those who want to tackle the challenge of building their own electrode vacuum tubeamplifier, here are some educational (.edu) web sites.  Read " Tubes Mechanics & Mystique" to understand a musician's love for tubes and why they are still used today.

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