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Audio Speaker Design
   Construction and Building Tips

Audio Speaker Design Calculators
   Attenuation Network
   Sealed Audio Enclosure
   Dual Driver Sealed Sealed Audio Enclosure
   4*4 Stack Guitar Speaker
   Unit Conversions for Building Speakers
   Audio Speaker Enclosure Design Calculators
   Audio Speaker Design Calculator Instructions
   Audio Speaker Parameters Calculator
   Dual Driver Vented Enclosure Design
   3 Way Vented Audio Enclosure Design
   Sealed Audio Speaker Enclosure Designs
   Vented Audio Speaker Enclosure Designs
   3rd Order 2 Way X-over
   1st Order 3 Way X-over

   Basic; Scientific; Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Tempurature and
   Power, Interest, Investment Mortgage, Time Zones, Body Mass Index,
   Cooking Measurement Conversions
  2016 Currency Conversion before the pandemic!

Diet Calculator
   Calculate nutrients & design healthy recipes.

Blackjack ~ Online Practice Game
   Sharpen your card counting skills!!!

Poker Games ~ Online Practice Games
Texas Holdem, Omaha and Tahoe

Perfect (absolute) Pitch Test for Ear Training
Do you have perfect pitch? Find out!

Zener Cards
   Zener cards esp test. Do you have precognition abilities?

Zip Code Finder
   City, State, Zip Code and Area Code Search

The Holy Bible
   Search by verse, phrase or words.

More Cool Stuff . . .

Ancient Books
   about politics, philosophy and Liberty!!!

Electronic Vacuum Tubes
   Electronic Parts Suppliers
   Electronic Vacuum Tube Reference Manual
   Vacuum Tube Specification Data Sheets
   Tube Guitar Amp Designs
   Tube Amplifier Survival Tips
   Tube Mechanics & Mystique
   Tube Amplifier Schematics - Vacuum Tube Amplifiers, Ampeg,
      Carlson Stromberg, Fender, HiWatt, Laney, Leslie,
      Marshall, McIntosh, Orange, Vox and Wurlitzer

Cook Book for Starving Musicians!!!
   Eat cheap and healthy.

Classic Cook Books
   Old time cook books.

  Audio Speaker Design
   Electronic Circuit
   Unit Conversion

   Jurassic Jams (Classic Rock)
   BMI Top 50
   Bar Band List

Historical Songs   !!!!!!
   Cowboy Songs
   Civil War Songs
   Sailor Chanties

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